Hilborn EFI Stack

Stu Hilborn Converted Street EFI - Chrysler

Hilborn Converted Street EFI
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No induction looks as right on an early Hemi than the classic Hilborn Injection set-up that was a mainstay of drag racing's Glory Days. The problem with these mechanical fuel injection systems is that they didn't perform well on the street, being designed for "all or nothing" use. They needed a "shot" to get started, didn't have streetable idle characteristics, and didn't run too well at low or part throttle. All that changes with the use of electronic fuel injection. The Man himself, Stu Hilborn, is offering his famous injector set-up converted over to ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION, using modern injectors and a stand-alone, programmable ECU. If you've always loved the looks of an injected Hemi but thought you couldn't have it on the street, look no further.

P/N 50054 Hilborn Converted Street EFI Stack Injection $ Call

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