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Hemi Induction Shootout: Does Retro or Modern Make More Power on a 354 Hemi?

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General Interest

Align Honing Principles

Sound Business - Sonic Testing Engine Parts

Removing Broken Head Bolts or Studs

Wiped Cams and ZDDP

Flat or Tapered Cams and Flat or Crowned Lifters - Cam and Lifter Failures

Align Boring - Precision Machining

How bad can a Broke Block Be? - Major block repairs

Early Chrysler Hemi (331 Chrysler Hemi for Vintage Racing)

Early Chrysler Hemi - Part 1: Converting 2-bolt Mains to 4-bolt
Early Chrysler Hemi - Part 2: Block Machining
Early Chrysler Hemi - Part 3: Balancing
Early Chrysler Hemi - Part 4: Head Modifications

Dodge Red Ram Hemi (315 Cube Engine Turned Into a 348 Stroker)

Dodge Red Ram Hemi - Part 2: Block Prep and Cleaning
Dodge Red Ram Hemi - Part 3: Cam, Crank, Parts Listings
Dodge Red Ram Hemi - Part 4: Bottom End Assembly
Dodge Red Ram Hemi - Part 5: Head Modifications and Machining
Dodge Red Ram Hemi - Part 6: Finishing Bottom End Assembly
Dodge Red Ram Hemi - Part 7: Head and Valve Train Assembly
Dodge Red Ram Hemi - Part 8: Top End Completion/Accessory Drive
Dodge Red Ram Hemi - Part 9: Carbs, Linkage, Filters
Dodge Red Ram Hemi - Part 10: Dyno Testing the Project Engine

Red Ram V.1.0 (241 Cube Dodge Hemi)

Red Ram V.1.0 - Part 1 - Piston Design, Machine Work
Red Ram V.1.0 - Part 2 - Piston Trial Fit, Masking and Block Paint
Red Ram V.1.0 - Part 3 - Pan Reconstruction, Freeze Plug Options
Red Ram V.1.0 - Part 4 - Cam Bearings, Component Balancing
Red Ram V.1.0 - Part 5 - Crank Balancing, Seals Installed, Cam Installed
Red Ram V.1.0 - Part 6 - Plugs, Timing set, Rod & Piston Assemblies
Red Ram V.1.0 - Part 7 - File-fit Rings, Rod and Piston Assemblies Installed
Red Ram V.1.0 - Part 8 - Cam Degreeing, Front Seal, Timing Cover, Balancer/Damper
Red Ram V.1.0 - Part 9 - 340 MOPAR Oil pump, Pickup and Timing pointer
Red Ram V.1.0 – Part 10 – Custom dipstick and pan installation
Red Ram V.1.0 – Part 11 – Upgrading the 241 Hemi Heads
Red Ram V.1.0 – Part 12 – Heads Completed, Porting, valves, Springs Seals
Red Ram V.1.0 – Part 13 – Heads, Rocker Assemblies, Adjustable Push Rods, Remote Oil Filter
Red Ram V.1.0 – Part 14 – Distributor/Pump Drive, Valley Cover, Oil Filter, Water Pump, More
Red Ram V.1.0 – Part 15 – Rehabilitating Red Ram Script Covers
Red Ram V.1.0 – Part 16 – Valve Covers, Plug Tubes, Plug Wire Insulators and Late Hemi Boot Conversion
Red Ram V.1.0 – Part 17 – Wiring and Looms, Headers, Dipstick Tube, Carb and Air Filters