Welded Header Flanges

Welded Header Flange Kit - Chrysler

 Welded Header Flange Kit

The perfect start for building your own custom headers. Beefy 3/8 inch thick header flanges resist warping and help fight header leaks. Two inch long stub pipes are pre-formed to transition from the oval exhaust ports to the round header tubes, and come already welded to the flanges. Hardware included. We highly recommend this kit over others, as making the transition from round tubes to oval requires a lot of extra work, and without the proper tools and experience, is very difficult to accomplish.

Header Adapters P/N 60006 are required when installing our Chrysler headers on '51 through '53 round port heads.

P/N 60008 Welded Header Flange Kit  $ 185.00
P/N 60006 Header Adapters $ 56. / pr.

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