1x4 Dual Plane  Hemi Generator Mount

 1 x 4 Dual Plane Intakes


1x4 DeSoto Intake Manifold
1x4 DeSoto Intake Manifold
Hemi Generator Mount
P/N 50055 above
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P/N 50072 below
DeSoto Intake Manifold

DeSoto dual plane, single 4 Bbl., cast aluminum intake manifolds.

Designed to accept late Holley/Edelbrock carbs. and includes integral (Chevy pattern) thermostat mount.

Ports are matched to the 330, 341, 345 heads and the exhaust crossover has been eliminated.

These intakes are tapped for temp senders, heater control valve, manifold vacuum, thermostat bypass and even has provisions to purge air from the cooling system.

These "High Rise" manifolds stand about 1 1/2" taller than the original cast iron manifolds. Manifold includes stainless steel hardware.

The DeSoto 1x4 aluminum intakes #50055 and #59972 are cleanly designed to eliminate unnecessary bosses and brackets.

For those who prefer to run a generator, Use Generator Mount #50054 (second from bottom photo at left).

P/N 50055 DeSoto 1x4 Dual Plane Intake (276/291) $ 625
P/N 59972 DeSoto 1x4 Dual Plane Intake (330/341/345) $ 650
P/N 50057 Generator Mount for P/N 50055 $ 87.

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